This 40-year-old woman from the Massachusetts North Shore came to my office interested in improving the appearance of her breasts and abdomen. She has three children. During our consultation, we discussed breast enhancement and abdominoplasty; two procedures that can safely be combined and performed during the same surgery for a Mommy Makeover.

For her breast augmentation she chose silicone gel-filled implants. I placed her breast implants beneath the chest wall muscle using an incision located within the inframammary fold. She chose a modest size enhancement to give her the fuller breasts that she had prior to having children. After surgery she has an improved proportion of her breasts to her abdomen and waist. Her inframammary incision is well concealed within the bottom fold of the breast.

I performed a full tummy tuck that included removal of excess skin, repair of the abdominal wall muscles that had separated during pregnancy, and tightening of the abdominal wall skin. Notice the improvement of her entire abdomen including the enhanced appearance of her belly button.

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