This woman in her mid-thirties came to my cosmetic surgery office to discuss breast augmentation. She was interested in restoring the breast fullness that she lost after having her children. Her aesthetic goals from her breast augmentation were best met with an implant that matched her fill volume. A patient’s fill volume is the implant size that I estimate will fill the patient’s breast tissue yet not result in the patient’s breast having an outward roundness.

Her breast augmentation Boston was done through an inframammary incision (below the breast), and a 300cc (which was her estimated fill volume) silicone gel implant was placed below the chest muscle. I do not use drains or a tight chest wrap after breast augmentation and most patients’ post-operative discomfort is controlled by ibuprofen. This patient was quickly back to her normal activities.

Understanding how each patient’s will anatomy responds to various implant volumes and taking time to listen to patient’s aesthetic goals are keys to successful breast augmentation. If you are interested in breast augmentation that will reliably give you the aesthetic result you wish with minimal post operative pain and recovery time, please contact my office by phone at 617.505.6818 or click request a consultation. You and I will discuss and define your goals from surgery so that you will make the best decisions for yourself. As part of our consultation we can use three dimensional photography which allows us to simulate the look of the breasts after surgery as one tool to help in your decision making process.

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