This woman in her early twenties from west of Boston came to my office to discuss cosmetic surgery. Her goals from breast augmentation surgery were to achieve slight roundness in the upper breast and to correct the size asymmetry of the breasts.

During our breast augmentation consultation, we discussed the implant volume that would fill her breast soft tissue, and she chose implants slightly larger than her fill volume. I used mid profile (Mentor Moderate Plus) silicone implants: a 275cc implant on the right and a 300cc implant on the left.

The surgery takes about an hour, and patients are ready to go home shortly after the surgery is finished. I do not use drains of tight wraps and patients often do not require narcotic pain medication. Patients generally resume normal activities within one or two days following surgery.

If you are interested in breast augmentation that will reliably give you the aesthetic result you wish with minimal post operative pain and recovery time, please contact my office by phone at 617.505.6818 or click request a consultation. You and I will discuss and define your goals from surgery so that you will make the best decisions for yourself. As part of our consultation we can use three dimensional photography which allows us to simulate the look of the breasts after surgery as one tool to help in your decision making process.

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