This patient in her early 30s underwent primary breast augmentation by fat transfer. She wore the BRAVA® external expansion device for 3 weeks prior to her surgical procedure. She underwent liposuction, fat preparation and fat transfer to the breasts. Fat transfer procedures can be performed more than once, as this patient elected, in order to increase the volume of fat transferred. The post operative result is a natural, soft, enhanced breast without the use of implants. The torso, thighs and arms were treated with liposuction.

Patients are cared for by an anesthesiologist and full nursing staff while in the surgical facility. We place a premium on patient safety while offering patients convenience and privacy. These types of procedures are performed on an outpatient basis; patients are ready to leave for home approximately an hour after completion of the procedure.

If you are interested in learning more about breast augmentation, breast augmentation revision or aesthetic surgery of the face, breasts or body, please call my office at 617.505.6818 or request a consultation. I have an office in Brookline and Needham for consultations. We will discuss and define your goals in order to make decisions best for you.

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