This twenty-nine year old woman from Boston’s SouthShore came to my office to discuss rejuvenation of her breasts. She was bothered by the shape of her breasts; she wanted her breasts to be more uplifted and round and she also wanted her breasts to be enlarged.

During our consultation we discussed the various breast lift procedures as well as breast augmentation. She is interested in a full upper portion of the breast and we choose 375cc breast implants. I recommended silicone gel filled implants and we choose high profile implants. Breast augmentation alone would not have accomplished our aesthetic goals from the surgery; she would have still had breast ptosis. At a single surgery I also performed a mastopexy or breast lift in order to create a youthful shaped breast. This case is a Wise pattern (also referred to as an anchor or inverted-T) mastopexy. The scars of the mastopexy fade over time and become difficult to see.

The results from combined breast lift and augmentation surgery are dramatic. Combining breast augmentation with a breast lift can provide significant improvement creating more full and youthful appearing breasts.

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