This patient in her mid-thirties from Boston’s South Shore came to my office to discuss breast rejuvenation after pregnancy. Her goals included better figure balance, achieving fullness in the upper breast and improving the shape of her breasts. I recommended, and she chose, a breast lift with implants. She had a circumareolar mastopexy and augmentation with 385cc high profile textured round silicone gel filled implants placed below the muscle.

If you are interested in breast augmentation that will reliably give you the aesthetic result you wish with minimal post operative pain and recovery time, please contact my office by phone at 617.505.6818 or request a consultation. You and I will discuss and define your goals from surgery so that you will make the best decisions for yourself. As part of our consultation we can use three dimensional photography which allows us to simulate the look of the breasts after surgery as one tool to help in your decision making process.

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