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BBL Facial in Boston, MA

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From redness to acne, to wrinkles, to sunspots, and more - BBL Facial can renew your skin.

Our aesthetic experts have put together an amazing and experienced staff who provide skin treatments to help patients correct skin concerns. They provide our Boston BBL facial to help men and women reduce the appearance of dark spots, improve skin tone, reduce rosacea, and address many other skin concerns.

Boston BBL Facial

What is BBL Facial?

Clareo Centers for Aesthetic Surgery’s staff are excited to help you reach your skin goals.

At Clareo Centers in Boston BBL Facial is primarily used to slow down aging, treat sun damage, and correct skin concerns caused by active lifestyles. At Clareo Centers, our Boston BBL Facial uses intense pulsed light (IPL) with the most powerful IPL device on the market.

What are the benefits of a BBL Facial?

Among many benefits, your skin will be restored to its natural beauty, making it clearer, smoother, vibrant, and younger-looking. Other benefits include:

  • The ability to treat many skin concerns
  • Increase of collagen
  • Little to no pain
  • Minimal recovery and downtime
BBL Facial Boston

Am I a good candidate for a BBL Facial?

BBL is a great treatment for those who are looking to improve their skin. Women and men of all ages are good candidates for BBL facials. The device can be used anywhere on the body. BBL can target:

  • Acne and acne scars
  • Redness
  • Dark spots, sunspots, and age spots
  • Spider veins
  • Small blood vessels
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Vascular lesions
  • Skin firmness
  • Uneven texture
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Your BBL Facial Procedure

You will receive pre-treatment instructions, which may include stopping certain skin treatments before your procedure.

BBL treatments can take minutes to a half-hour to complete, depending on what you are having treated. Before receiving a BBL Facial Boston patients will be given dark glasses to protect their eyes from the bright light. Your specialists will design your treatment plan for your skin type and the results you want. The high-intensity light energy delivered by the BBL device will gently heat the outer layers of your skin. The heat is absorbed by the targeted areas and stimulates your skin cells to regenerate. You should feel little to no pain. After completing your BBL facial Boston patients will have sunscreen and moisturizer applied to the treated area by our aesthetic specialists.

BBL Facial Recovery

You’ll be able to go about your daily routine right away, as there is virtually no downtime after having a broadband light facial.

Your skin may feel sunburned and be pink for a few hours, but you can still put on makeup and topical facial products. Some patients experience swelling, including around the eyes, for several days after treatment. If you have a BBL Facial to address vascular areas, bruising may occur.

Use SPF30 sunscreen, or more, for about two weeks after your treatment – your skin will be sensitive to sunlight. If you experience pain, you may take a pain reliever or compress a cool, damp cloth on the treated area to help relieve discomfort. Do not scrub – dark spots will flake off. Dark spots may get darker for the first few days after your BBL facial, but they will decrease in visibility over a couple of weeks. Avoid using any products with salicylic acid, retinol, or glycolic acid for at least a week after your treatment. Also, avoid excessive sun exposure for about a month.

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BBL Facial Boston

BBL Facial Results

Alas, smoother skin, a more even skin tone, and less visible fine lines and wrinkles. You may have more BBL therapy sessions, which will be scheduled weeks apart.

Schedule your Boston Broadband Light Facial Consultation With Our Expert Aestheticians Today

If you’re interested in more even, clearer skin and an overall more youthful look with a BBL Facial Boston aesthetic experts at Clareo Centers can answer any questions you have and address your concerns during a consultation.

Come and speak to our specialists about your skin goals and learn if BBL is the right treatment for you. Call us today. Always consult your healthcare professional for specific advice relating to your medical conditions and treatment, including all risks and potential benefits of undergoing this treatment. Only your healthcare professional can assess whether you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure.

BBL Facial FAQs

You may feel a warm sensation as the light hits your skin. Some patients compare the feeling to a rubber band snapping on your skin, while others may not feel pain or discomfort at all.

BBL treatments are safe when performed by a specialist. However, there is a risk of scarring or burning for patients with olive or brown skin.

The average price of BBL therapy is $650. However, treatments can cost more or less depending on the patient’s treatment plan and the areas that are being treated.

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Serving the Greater Boston Area with Two Locations in Fenway and Chestnut Hill. Request a consultation today.

At Clareo Centers for Aesthetic Surgery, our cosmetic specialists are ready to help you achieve your goals with the most advanced treatments the cosmetic industry has to offer. Contact us today to take your first step toward a more beautiful you.