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TruSculpt in Boston, MA

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Turbo Charge your Physique

with TruSculpt

You work out, you eat right, but nothing seems to move those last few pounds. Perhaps you have considered liposuction, but the thought of recovery and downtime doesn't work with your lifestyle. Meet an innovative body contouring procedure in Boston known as TruSculpt.

Dr. Michael Tantillo is excited to work with you on achieving your physical goal with TruSculpt. During your consultation, Dr. Tantillo and his team will determine the areas to target to achieve your optimal results.

TruSculpt Boston

What is TruSculpt?

TruSculpt is an FDA-approved body contouring treatment that blasts away fat cells using radiofrequency to diminish fat around the body's most troubled areas. For our Body Contouring patients in Boston TruSculpt can be used in the following areas:

  • Hips
  • Back
  • Tummy
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks

On average, you may see a 24 percent decrease in fat cells in the treated area after a single session with TruSculpt.

Boston TruSculpt

Is TruSculpt Right for Me?

TruSculpt’s non-surgical body contouring technique shows the most dramatic results on large surface areas. The radiofrequency signal emits RF energy through the skin to the muscles and heats the fat layer to provide all-over body sculpting results.

Unlike other body contouring procedures, TruSculpt can be used to treat many areas simultaneously without causing any discomfort. Many of our Boston TruSculpt patients claim the heat from the RF energy feels like a hot stone massage.

TruSculpt vs. CoolSculpting

TruSculpt and CoolSculpting are only similar in that they are both non-surgical fat reduction procedures. Key difference:

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Radiofrequency energy heats and targets fat cells so the fat cells can no longer bind together. The damaged fat cells are then flushed out of your system naturally, giving you a leaner appearance.


Instead of heat, CoolSculpting ravages your fat cells with cold by delivering just enough of a chill to break down the fat cells. Your body will eliminate the fat cells naturally.

Boston TruSculpt

TruSculpt Procedure

An added benefit of TruSculpt treatments is that it does not matter the size of the area being treated. TruSculpt only takes 15 to 60 minutes from start to finish depending on the number of areas being treated. An innovative and versatile treatment, TruSculpt offers a small applicator that can treat even the hardest to reach areas on the body effectively with dramatic results.

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TruSculpt Boston

TruSculpt Recovery & Results

Once your TruSculpt session is completed, you can return to work or your daily activities without any concern for downtime. The elimination of fat cells is dependent on your body's natural waste function.

After your treatment with TruSculpt Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Tantillo will provide you with specific post-treatment instructions to assist you in eliminating your fat cells. You can expect to see results in about six weeks, but this varies with each patient. The most dramatic results are seen after three months.

Your Boston TruSculpt Consultation

Take control of your fat loss and choose the areas where you want to see dramatic body-contouring results with the innovative TruSculpt procedure. Dr. Tantillo will take the time to listen to your concerns and assess the areas you want to be treated. Call Clareo Centers for Aesthetic Surgery in Boston and meet with Dr. Tantillo and his team for your TruSculpt consultation today.

TruSculpt FAQs

There is no need for numbing creams or anesthesia, which makes TruSculpt ideal for patients who need to return to their daily activities the same day. You will feel pulses of heat, but most patients say it feels like a hot stone massage.

A TruSculpt session is body-contouring and considered a medical cosmetic procedure. There are risks with any procedure, but complications are rare. Some side effects may include redness, mild tenderness in the treated areas, and sweating.

Dr. Tantillo and his team will determine if you need more than one treatment during your consultation. It will vary with each patient and the results desired. Typically it takes patients between one and three sessions to see the best results.

Each patient is different, and costs will vary. Your cost is based on the number of areas being treated and other health factors.

TruSculpt is a cosmetic contouring procedure and is not covered by an insurance provider. Dr. Tantillo does offer financing through CareCredit, and other convenient payment methods for your convenience.

The TruSculpt treatment is an outpatient procedure. You are not under general anesthesia and numbing creams are not needed, which means you can drive home and return to your normal activities the same day.

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At Clareo Centers for Aesthetic Surgery, our cosmetic specialists are ready to help you achieve your goals with the most advanced treatments the cosmetic industry has to offer. Contact us today to take your first step toward a more beautiful you.