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Arm Lift

What is an arm lift?

An arm lift is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the arms through liposuction, tissue removal, or both. The procedure is performed though incisions along the back of the arm, in the axilla, or through small liposuction incisions. An arm lift will rejuvenate your arms and give you confidence to wear short sleeves or sleeveless tops.

Who is a candidate for an arm lift?

Anyone in good overall health who is bothered by excess fat and/or skin of the upper arm may be a candidate for an arm lift. An arm lift will make your figure more youthful and athletic.

Benefits of arm lift

  • More youthful and athletic appearing arms
  • Confidence to wear short sleeves or sleeveless tops

Recovery and results

When performed by itself an arm lift is generally a day surgical procedure. When performed as part of a more complete body contouring surgery such as liposuction, breast surgery and/or abdominal surgery patients may go home the day of surgery or spend a night in the surgery center. You will see results immediately after the procedure. The swelling will largely subside within six weeks after the procedure. Patients should avoid strenuous activity for four weeks after the procedure.

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