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What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat cells. Once removed, the fat cells do not grow back; however, fat cells do not have a limit as to how much they can enlarge. Therefore, liposuction will not change your ability to gain or lose weight. Liposuction will change your fat distribution, as the treated areas will always have fewer fat cells; if you maintain your weight, your liposuction results will last.

Who is a candidate for liposuction?

Anyone who is at or near his or her ideal body weight and in good health is a candidate for liposuction. The best candidates are people who have one or just a few areas of unwanted fat. Common areas treated are the abdomen, flanks (love handles), back, hips, thighs, bra roll, chest (in men), and neck.

Benefits of liposuction

With liposuction, you can expect:

  • No more unwanted fat and bulges
  • Improved figure and figure balance
  • To feel better in a wide array of clothing styles
  • Confidence about your appearance

Recovery and results

Liposuction can be, and often is, combined with other procedures; therefore, recovery times vary. Liposuction alone is most often an outpatient day surgical procedure. Recovery time varies by the number of areas treated. However, most patients are back to their routine activities within a few days of the procedure. Patients are asked to wear a compression garment the first six weeks after the surgery; this garment can be worn under any type of clothing. Patients generally return to strenuous activity or exercise three to four weeks after the procedure.

Swelling will increase for approximately three days after the procedure and then start to decrease. You will not notice substantial improvement until about three weeks after the procedure. By six weeks after the procedure you will see results; however, subtle improvement and skin tightening continue for six months.

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