Significant weight loss often results in loose skin. Surgery can often help improve contour after weight loss.

Post Weight-Loss Surgery

What is post weight loss surgery?

Any contouring surgery of the face or body to treat extra, loose skin after weight loss is considered post weight loss surgery. The surgical plan is individualized to address each patient’s needs and concerns. The torso, breasts, thighs, and neck are the most commonly treated areas. Surgery involves lifting, tightening, and removing excess skin. Sometimes body areas, such as the buttock, can look deflated after weight loss; these areas can be treated with fat transfer. It is important to recognize that weight loss surgery does not improve the quality and elasticity of the skin that is not removed.

Who is a candidate for post weight loss surgery?

Anyone who has lost weight and is left with loose, hanging skin, and is in good overall health, may be a candidate for post weight loss surgery. During your consultation, we will formulate a plan to address the areas of concern to you. Patients who have experienced massive weight loss often require more than one surgical session to treat all of the areas of concern.

Benefits of post weight loss surgery

  • Remove loose, hanging skin
  • Treat skin rashes by removing excess skin
  • Improved ability to exercise
  • Improved figure balance
  • Enjoy wearing a wide array of clothing styles

Recovery and results

The recovery depends on the procedures performed. Patients who are having multiple procedures during one operation often stay overnight in the hospital. Some patients require more than one operation. Patients typically resume their normal activities within a few days of surgery and return to work two to three weeks after surgery. Patients should avoid strenuous activity or exercise for six weeks after surgery.

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