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Breast Revision

What is breast revision?

A breast revision, or secondary breast surgery, is any aesthetic breast surgery done for a patient who has previously had aesthetic breast surgery. While breast implants can last for years, they are not to be considered lifetime devices, meaning that many patients who have implant breast augmentation will want or need to have another surgery related to their implants sometime in the future. Sometimes the implant shell breaks; although the silicone gel used today does not leak into the body, we nonetheless recommend that patients have their implants removed and new ones placed, if the patient so desires. The capsules that form around all breast implants can become thick, firm, and contract around the implant. Called a capsular contracture, this condition can cause the breast to feel firm and the implant to move high on the chest wall. When this happens, we recommend that the capsule and implant be removed and the implant be replaced, if the patient desires. Sometimes women who have aesthetic breast surgery such as a lift and/or augmentation, will want a second surgery, particularly after pregnancies. This can be another lift and/or changing to different size and/or shaped implants.

Who is a candidate for breast revision?

Anyone healthy enough to undergo elective surgery who has previously had breast surgery and is dissatisfied with the look and/or feel of their breasts is a good candidate. While most breast revision patients are women with implants; occasionally men who have had gynecomastia surgery will want a secondary procedure.

Benefits of breast revision

The benefits of breast revision are the same as the benefits of your first aesthetic breast surgery:

  • More youthful breasts
  • Breasts that improve your figure balance
  • Breasts that give you more confidence

Preview your results

Clareo offers our patients the opportunity to preview their result through 3D simulation using Crisalix software.

Recovery and results

Recovery after breast revision surgery varies depending on the extent of the procedure. However, unless combined with other procedures, breast revision surgery is an outpatient procedure and patients are generally able to resume non-strenuous activities seven to ten days after surgery. Drains are sometimes used in implant revision surgery.

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