Do people tell you, or do you feel, that you look tired when you’re actually not? Rejuvenate your eyes with eyelid surgery -- in a Boston aesthetic surgery center that places the utmost importance on quality, safety, and service.

Eyelid Lift

What is an eyelid lift?

An eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, is an operation that revives the eyes by removing excess skin and fat around them. Using an incision located within the natural crease of the upper eyelid, we remove redundant skin and bulging fat from the area. Using an incision under the eyelashes, we remove excess skin of the lower eyelid and tighten the tissue.

Who is a candidate for eyelid surgery?

Anyone who is bothered by the aging effects around the eyes, and is in good overall health, may be a candidate for eyelid surgery. Be sure to let your doctor know if you have a history or dry eyes prior to surgery. Eyelid lift can be combined with other procedures, most commonly a facelift. Patients often prefer to address the signs of eyelid aging early in their thirties (and occasionally in their twenties) to achieve subtle results rather than wait for dramatic ones when they are older.

Benefits of eyelid surgery:

  • Gain brighter and more alert appearing eyes
  • Look less tired and more energetic
  • Appear more youthful and engaged

Recovery and results

Eyelid surgery is a day surgical procedure; you will go home the day of your surgery. The procedure takes between one to two and a half hours. Keeping your head elevated and cool compresses over your eyes for the first forty-eight hours will minimize the swelling after surgery. You should avoid strenuous activities for four weeks after the surgery. Bruising disappears seven to ten days after the surgery.

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