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Nose Reshaping

What is nose reshaping?

Nose reshaping, or rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure to change the appearance of the nose, most commonly the bridge and/or the tip. The procedure can be combined with surgery of the internal nasal anatomy to improve impaired breathing. Nose reshaping is a permanent change to the appearance of the nose.

Who is a candidate for nose reshaping?

Anyone who is in good health and is bothered by the appearance of her or his nose, considering it out of balance with facial features may be a candidate for nose reshaping.

Benefits of nose reshaping

  • Improve nose appearance
  • Enhance facial harmony
  • Repair impaired breathing or a deviated septum

Recovery and results

Nose reshaping is a day surgical procedure; patients go home approximately two hours after the procedure, but keep their head elevated for the first several days after the procedure to minimize swelling. If work was done on the nasal bones, a splint will be applied and remain on for five days after surgery. Patients can return to work seven to ten days after the surgery. Most of the swelling will be gone by four to six weeks after the procedure; although, it takes six months for all the swelling to resolve from the tip. You will want to avoid contact to the nose for at least three months after the surgery.

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