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Arm Lift in Boston, MA

Arm Lift Boston
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Arm Lift Boston

Reclaim the shapely upper arms

of younger years

In an aesthetic surgery center that places the utmost importance on quality, safety, and service. An arm lift will rejuvenate your arms and give you the confidence to wear short sleeves or sleeveless tops.

Boston Arm Lift

What Is an Arm Lift?

An arm lift is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the arms through tissue removal, liposuction, or both. Dr. Tantillo customizes the arm lift surgery to your needs based on the existing tissue that is present.

Incisions are placed along the back of the arm, in the axilla, and/or through small liposuction incisions. Skin and fat are most commonly removed using an incision from the axilla toward the elbow; although sometimes the incisions can be confined to the axilla, a mini-arm lift. Liposuction is combined with skin removal to best sculpt the results.

Am I a Candidate for an Arm Lift?

Anyone in good overall health who is bothered by excess fat and/or skin of the upper arm may be a candidate for an arm lift. An arm lift will help make your arms appear more youthful and athletic.

Arm Lift Boston
Boston Arm Lift

Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery

  • More youthful and athletic-appearing arms
  • Confidence to wear short sleeves or sleeveless tops
Arm Lift Boston

Arm Lift Recovery

When performed by itself, an arm lift is generally a day surgical procedure. When performed as part of a more complete body contouring surgery such as liposuction, breast surgery, and/or abdominal surgery, patients may go home the day of surgery or spend a night in the surgery center. Patients should avoid strenuous activity for four weeks after the procedure. It is also necessary to take time off work for arm lift surgery. Most patients aim to take two weeks off work to recover. An extended arm lift may require approximately three weeks off work.

Arm Lift Downtime

It is normal for the arms to feel tender or sore for several weeks. Help from family and friends with household chores, such as cleaning and cooking, may be necessary during this time.

Patients that live alone may benefit from preparing frozen meals in advance of surgery to make recovery easier. It is imperative to avoid heavy lifting for the first four weeks, such as carrying heavy grocery bags so that the arms can heal without unnecessary strain.

Arm Lift Boston
Arm Lift Boston

Arm Lifts and Driving

Arm lift surgery also requires some time off driving. Any cosmetic surgery that involves general anesthesia will necessitate a trusted friend or family member to be present to drive you home after the operation. Arm lift surgery, since it directly involves the arms, means time off driving even after the effects of anesthesia wear off.

Turning a steering wheel can be difficult with arms that are still healing. Patients should wait at least two weeks to resume driving after arm lift surgery, although the duration of time off from driving varies based on the extent of surgery. For example, an extended arm lift or an arm lift combined with chest or breast surgery will require more time off driving. It is a good idea to do a “test drive” when you feel you have regained strength in the arms, such as taking a quick drive around the block, before heading out into heavy traffic or highway driving.

Arm Lift Results

You will see results immediately after the procedure. Swelling and/or bruising are normal after arm lift surgery.

The swelling will largely subside within six weeks after the procedure. Bruising typically lessens over a period of approximately 14 days, however, each patient heals individually. For more information about arm lift recovery and results, schedule a private consultation with Dr. Tantillo to learn more.

Book Your Boston Arm Lift Consultation Today

Clareo Centers serve men and women in the Boston region and beyond, including Newton, Needham, Brookline, and more that want to remove excess arm skin and fat so they can look and feel better about the arm’s appearance.

Call (617) 505-6818 to schedule a private arm lift consultation with Dr. Michael Tantillo today for more information about what an arm lift can do for you.

Arm Lift Boston
Dr. Tantillo - Boston Plastic Surgeon

Why Choose Dr. Tantillo for Arm Lift Surgery?

When choosing a Boston arm lift surgeon, it is crucial to select a doctor that has the right training and experience. Dr. Tantillo is a highly trained surgeon that has received numerous awards.

He is also a board-certified Boston plastic surgeon with professional memberships including The American Society for Plastic Surgeons and The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In addition to his specialty in body contouring surgery such as arm lifts, what sets Dr. Tantillo apart is a caring bedside manner and genuine concern for his patients’ quality of life. The consultation process is centered around your needs, and there is no pressure to pursue any cosmetic surgery you do not need or do not wish to have done.

Arm Lift FAQ

An arm lift, or Brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin from the upper arms. Liposuction of the arms is often performed with an arm lift to optimize the results.

Sometimes patients are a candidate for a “mini arm lift” in which case the scars are in the axilla. However, the majority of arm lifts are performed with an incision along the inside of the arm starting at the axilla and ending above the elbow. The scar would be concealed when your arms are down by your side. The length of the scar needed depends on the amount of excess skin to be removed.

If you have extra skin in the upper arms that is bothering you such that you are willing to trade that skin for a scar, then you may be a candidate for an arm lift. If you have some extra fat in the upper arms and good skin elasticity, you may be a candidate for arm liposuction. During your consultation, we will review the options suitable to you.

The cost varies depending on how much extra skin is present and whether or not liposuction is combined with the arm lift. However, arm lift surgery is generally between $7,500 and $10,000.

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