To begin, as with patients who are local, we will coordinate a conversation between you and one of our staff members to ensure we fully understand your goals and expectations. With this information in hand, we follow up with more detailed information by email, including instructions for completing the intake form as well as for the type of photos (angles and distance) needed and how to send them to us. The next step in the process is a Skype or FaceTime conference between you and the Clareo doctor to review options that meet your goals.

Of course, patients are welcome to make a separate trip for in-person consultation; however, we can arrange it such that you would make only one trip for consultation and surgery. For a combination trip, you would arrive in town the day before surgery, meet the Clareo doctor and staff in person, and then stay through your immediate post-operative recovery. You will see the doctor at least twice before you leave town. Clareo staff will help with your hotel and any other arrangements you would like during your stay.