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Mommy Makeover in Boston, MA

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Reclaim the body you had

before pregnancy with a mommy makeover

Our Boston-area aesthetic surgery center places the utmost importance on quality, safety, and service to make your experience with us nothing short of exceptional.

Mommy Makeover Boston

What is a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover in the Boston area is a procedure that is designed to address changes in the body that are often associated with pregnancy, such as excess fat, sagging breasts, and loose skin around the abdomen.

To correct these issues, a mommy makeover combines procedures for the breasts and body. Our mommy makeover patients from Boston often choose a breast lift and/or breast implants, a tummy tuck, and/or liposuction for their customized procedure. However, your mommy makeover is whatever you want it to be and can include almost any combination of surgical or nonsurgical procedures.

Your Mommy Makeover Options

Your mommy makeover will be tailored to meet your cosmetic goals and concerns. Generally, a mommy makeover includes a combination of procedures for the breasts and body. Some of the most common options include:

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Breast augmentation:

After childbearing, the breasts may take on a deflated or flattened appearance. This is especially true for mothers who nursed their children. Breast augmentation can help restore breast volume and create fuller, more youthful-looking breasts. At Clareo Centers for Aesthetic Surgery, we offer breast augmentation using silicone or saline implants, as well as fat transfer breast augmentation.

Breast lift:

It’s very common for women to notice sagging breasts after having children. Drooping breasts can also occur as a normal part of aging, as well as with dramatic weight loss. A breast lift can restore the breasts to a more elevated position on the chest wall. This creates a perkier appearance that is often associated with youth. Breast lifts can be performed alone or with breast augmentation for women who want to increase their chest size in addition to improving the breast shape and position.

Tummy tuck:

During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles stretch to accommodate your growing baby. After the baby is born, however, you may be left with loose, sagging skin around your waistline and weak muscle tone. While abdominal exercise can help some, only a tummy tuck can remove extra skin and fat around the midsection while tightening the abdominal wall. This will create a flat, tight stomach that looks lean and fit. In addition, a tummy tuck is the only way to repair the stomach muscles in women who have diastasis recti, or separation of the abdominal muscles.


Gaining a healthy amount of weight during pregnancy is normal and encouraged. However, once the baby is born, many women struggle to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. Fat often accumulates around the midsection, thighs, and hips during pregnancy and can be hard to lose after childbirth. Liposuction uses a vacuum mechanism to suction away stubborn fat from almost any area of the body. It is often used during tummy tuck surgery to slim the waistline, but can also be performed alone on the thighs, arms, flanks, back, and buttocks.

Boston Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover Surgery

Your mommy makeover procedure will be performed in a state-of-the-art aesthetic surgery center. The length of your operation will depend on the number and type of cosmetic procedures you choose. Typically, however, mommy makeover surgery will last anywhere from 3 to 6 hours.

You will receive general anesthesia for your mommy makeover. It’s important that you have someone to drive you home and help you around the house after surgery. Our Clareo doctors use advanced surgical techniques to reduce your downtime and speed your recovery so that you can get back to normal faster. Your incisions will also be placed and sutured as discreetly as possible to ensure you look natural and feel confident.

Recovery and Results

The recovery time for mommy makeover surgery depends on the procedures chosen. Generally, a mommy makeover is performed as a day-surgery procedure and doesn’t require an overnight stay. However, some patients spend one night after surgery in the surgery center or hospital.

You will likely feel tired and sore immediately after surgery, but many of our patients feel well enough to be up and walking by the evening of their mommy makeover. It’s important to have someone who can help you around the house for 1 to 2 weeks after your procedure. Office work and light aerobic activity can usually be resumed in about 2 to 3 weeks. However, you will be asked to avoid strenuous activities and exercise for up to 6 weeks. The results of your mommy makeover are progressive and will continue to evolve over time. By about 6 weeks, most of the swelling should have subsided and you should be enjoying your new shape. If you eat right and exercise regularly, the results of your mommy makeover can last for many years. Clareo Centers serve patients from all over the Boston area including Brookline, Newton, Needham, and more.

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Preview Your Results

Our office uses Crisalix software to help you visualize your results before surgery. This advanced 3D imaging technology can show you what you’ll look like after your mommy makeover by creating a lifelike avatar of your new body. You’ll be able to “try on” different breast implant sizes and see how different surgical techniques can impact your appearance. Our Clareo doctors use Crisalix when creating your personalized mommy makeover treatment plan so that you feel informed and confident about your decision.

Mommy Makeover FAQ

A mommy makeover refers to breast and/or body contouring surgery to restore the changes seen after pregnancy. Commonly a mommy makeover includes a breast lift and/or breast implants, a tummy tuck, and often liposuction. However, each mommy makeover is tailored to the wishes and needs of the patient.

The recovery varies from patient to patient and is dependent on which procedures are performed. Generally, a tummy tuck is performed and that dictates the recovery time. Most patients are back to routine activities three weeks after their mommy makeover while avoiding straining the abdominal muscles for six weeks after surgery.

This varies from patient to patient based on the procedures performed and the extent of the procedures performed. The range is wide, from $8,000 to $20,000.

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At Clareo Centers for Aesthetic Surgery, our cosmetic specialists are ready to help you achieve your goals with the most advanced treatments the cosmetic industry has to offer. Contact us today to take your first step toward a more beautiful you.