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Facelift in Boston, MA

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Ready to turn back

the hands of time for a refreshed, youthful appearance?

Recapture your younger self — with our Boston facelift at our aesthetic surgery center, where we place the utmost importance on quality, safety, and service.

Led by Dr. Michael Tantillo, MD, an award-winning and Harvard-trained plastic surgeon, Clareo Centers offers patients best-in-class care in a clean, upscale facility that meets the demand of Boston-area patients looking for privacy and professionalism.

With facelift procedures that are tailored to each patient's exact needs, it is our pleasure to help our patients look many years younger, while still maintaining their natural beauty. A rhytidectomy is excellent for addressing changes to the midface. Patients with more advanced signs of facial aging in the mid-face, neck, jawline, or upper third of the face may benefit most from a combination of procedures.

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What Is a Facelift?

A facelift (rhytidectomy) is a surgical procedure that addresses the signs of aging in the cheek area (called the "midface") alone, or in conjunction with the neck and or brow rejuvenation.

Over time the skin, soft tissues, and even the bone in the cheek area thin, and skin and soft tissues droop, resulting in loss of cheek fullness and the presence of jowls at the jawline. Patients from age forty - seventy can benefit from a facelift. Twenty or thirty years ago we would often advise patients to hold-off on their facelift until the signs of aging become more obvious and a more dramatic result was seen.

However, we have learned that many patients want to address the tell-tale signs of aging early with a more subtle result. Younger patients have very high satisfaction with their facial plastic surgery. We now see many patients in their forties and fifties for a facelift, as well as the more traditional age group of sixties and seventies

Combining Procedures for Best Results

Procedures are often combined to optimize results and minimize downtime and cost. Blepharoplasty is the most common procedure combined with facelift and neck lift surgery.

However, Dr. Tantillo takes a conservative approach to cosmetic facial surgery and will never recommend additional procedures beyond the scope of what the patient requires to enhance their appearance. Everyone at Clareo Centers places great importance on obtaining a natural-looking result that fits with the goals each patient hopes to accomplish with cosmetic surgery.

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Mid Facelift

A mid facelift repositions the tissue higher in the cheek, removes excess skin, corrects jowling and marionette lines, and often incorporates autologous fat transfer to restore youthful volume. With the mid-face tightened and refreshed, wrinkles appear smoother or may be eliminated entirely, the cheeks are higher, and the jawline is smooth and uninterrupted.

Full Facelift

The term "full facelift" most often refers to a mid-face lift done in conjunction with a neck lift, although the term can mean brow lift, mid-facelift, and neck lift in combination. Dr. Tantillo listens to the patient's concerns and goals, conducts a thorough examination, and recommends an individualized surgical plan.

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Who Is a Candidate for a Facelift?

Anyone who is in good overall health and is bothered by the changes seen in their face over time may be a candidate for a facelift. Patients need not wait until the aging process is advanced;

many patients prefer to address the aging process earlier with more subtle results. Patients in their forties can be good candidates for facial plastic surgery. Eligible patients should abstain from nicotine use for at least thirty days before and three weeks after the procedure. Studies consistently show that nicotine use impedes healing. If you are a smoker that is interested in a rhytidectomy or other cosmetic surgery, it is in your best interest to quit nicotine products well in advance of the procedure. Quitting smoking also helps patients age more gracefully, protecting the investment they have made by choosing to have cosmetic facial surgery. Talk to our Boston facelift team to find out more.

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Benefits of a Facelift

  • More youthful appearing face, neck, and brows
  • Look refreshed and energetic; not tight and overdone
  • Heightened confidence that you look your best
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Facelift Recovery and Results

A facelift can be performed as a one day surgical procedure; however, many patients spend the night in the surgery center after the procedure. A facelift can be combined with other procedures, most commonly a blepharoplasty.

Downtime after facial cosmetic surgery is approximately two weeks. Patients should plan to minimize public appearances for at least ten days and avoid strenuous activities for four weeks after the surgery. Sedentary workers, patients that work from home, or those with careers that involve minimal physical exertion may resume work in as little as two weeks after surgery. Patients are generally comfortable with face to face interactions with coworkers and customers three weeks after surgery. More physically demanding careers may require additional time off work. Once recovered, patients will enjoy a more youthful appearance that takes approximately ten years off of perceived age

You will see results immediately after surgery. Swelling is a normal response to surgery and will largely resolve in three to four weeks after surgery. Bruising can appear after surgery and if present will resolve within approximately ten days, although each patient heals at a different pace. As the swelling resolves and the incisions heal, the final facelift results become more visible. At Clareo Centers, we strive to deliver the best facelift Boston has to offer. In just a few short weeks, patients can enjoy the full result of surgery with a rejuvenated appearance and the improved confidence that comes along with it!

Book Your Boston Facelift Consultation Today

At Clareo Centers, our Boston plastic surgeons serve men and women in Newton, Needham, Brookline, as well as the Greater New England area who desire private, personalized care in a luxurious environment with help from our prestigious medical team. Call (617) 505-6818 to schedule your private facelift consultation with Dr. Michael Tantillo, MD today to learn more.

Facelift FAQ

A facelift is a surgical procedure to counteract the effects of aging and restore the youthful appearance to the face. We think of aesthetic rejuvenation of the face as occurring in three areas: the brows, the cheeks, and the neck. Any combination of treatment areas can be referred to as a facelift. Each facelift is tailored to address the concerns and aging patterns of each patient.

The costs vary from patient to patient dependent on the procedures chosen; the cost of a facelift ranges from $6,000 to $20,000.

While some patients (and their surgeons) persist with multiple surgeries and are left with an extreme look, most patients (and surgeons) prefer a natural rejuvenation. Facelifts are meant to make patients look healthy and energized for their age; not to make them look inappropriately youthful.

Two commonly procedures performed with facelift are fat transfer and eyelid surgery. Fat transfer is almost always part of a cheek lift to restore the fat loss in the upper cheek seen with aging. Eyelid rejuvenation can, and often is, performed at the same time as a facelift.

Bruising will be apparent for seven to ten days. Patients should avoid strenuous activities for three weeks after their procedure. Patients often resume non-strenuous work activities ten to fourteen days after a facelift.

Risks of a facelift include bleeding, nerve injury, and inadequate blood supply to the skin edges resulting in skin death. While each of these risks are quite low, it is important that you tell your doctor about any medications, including over the counter, and supplements you are taking; it is also important to tell your doctor if you smoke.

Low eyebrows, jowls, and loose skin or banding of the neck are common indications for a facelift. We have learned that patients are often happier with the results of a facelift performed relatively early in the aging process rather than the dramatic change seen when the aging process has progressed. Our doctors will review your options with you during your consultation.

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At Clareo Centers for Aesthetic Surgery, our cosmetic specialists are ready to help you achieve your goals with the most advanced treatments the cosmetic industry has to offer. Contact us today to take your first step toward a more beautiful you.